Sunday, 31 May 2009

After long fright

I came back to London yesterday evening from Tokyo. Then straightway I went to friend BBQ party. Normally I have jet rag and go to bed very early evening. Surprisingly I went to bed at 1 AM and wake up this morning at 7:30. It is pretty much usual hour already. How easy if it is like this every time.

I bought grape and cherry on the way back from jogging. It will fill water and vitamin into my body. That's essential after a long fright.

Then I made a Cold noodle(hiyashi-chuka) with sesame source for lunch. This dish is very summerly dish and easy to eat even if you have a poor appetite. The Dish was just right for today.

P.S. I got my camera repaired! I could take so much better photo from now on!! Can you tell the difference from old photos?

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