Thursday, 9 July 2009

Feast request

These two days I had friends come over for dinner but both day I didn't have time to prepare. So I just open a fridge when they come over and start cooking. Sometimes it's good not to prepare in advance, then I could create new recipe from what I have in my fridge. We had different kind of small dishes. It's takes time more than making one big dish but I cook while we talk, drink and eat at same time anyway. Only problem is I sometime drink too much and I take it too easy when I cook last dish ... See... even some of photo are out of focus too...

Okura with Korean seaweed: I don't really see Okura in supermarket here but I found it from Turkish shop. Back in Japan, I used to eat this veg quite often. Happy, I found it!
Right; scrambled egg with roasted veg by A

Deep fried tofu bag with Nattou(Fermented soybeans)
I inherited this recipe from my mum. Great appetizer dish when I miss Japanese food.
I should say this is very advanced level of Japanese because even some Japanese people can't eat this fermented soybeans, or people loves it and eat almost everyday.

Trend in my kitchen at this moment is skewer. This is simple prawn skewer with Turkish yogurt dip.

Butter pan fried Asparagus & Marinated Chicken with dajonase(mustard and mayonnaise) Oh, this was delicious. It is new recipe!!

Another new recipe; Baked Cauliflower with Parmesan, parsley and breadcrumbs skewer.

M's spicy stuffed tomato!

M's grapefruit wrapped with Parma ham

Seafood risotto

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