Saturday, 2 January 2010

Full Moon New Years Day

There is a saying that things you did on new years day will continue whole year. I had so much fun, feel fresh, good company, nice sake, food and cakes ! It will be a wonderful year!

First sun rise of the year.

Eat noodle at midnight and Doing Calligraphy on new year's day is Japanese tradition. This is our work with a lot of fun. We end up doing body painting!

Me with orange on top, new year's orange on top of rice cake theme

Michi mouse

Big mouse

Yellow Submarine girl

Sake by Itushobin(1.8L)! Start drinking from midnight and finish within one day, of course.

A walk to Hampstead Heath to feel fresh of the new year

Snow dress tree beautifully

Iced Pond covered with snow

Sometime we just need to look up, then so many ways out there.

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