Monday, 7 December 2009

Today 56 major newspapers in 45 countries speak with one voice on climate change

Historical summit had just began in Copenhagen. Maybe my knowledge is too limited to talk about this but if the fact I bring up this subject today could be a chance to make even one more person to aware this subject, especially to friends in Japan then this would worth it. This common editorial in 56 newspaper in 45 country doesn't include any of Japanese newspaper. Even our most mighty newspaper in Japan; Asahi shinbun didn't signing up to this common editorial. They only did supportive coverage even this is very important topic that affect to all of us. Media nowadays are under strict control but they done it. It was nearly magical but happen. 'If we, with such different national and political perspectives, can agree on what must be done then surely our leader can too' in this editorial says. Very meaningful for us still to believe world could change by people.

In my late teens and early twenty's in Japan, I always had question if I really have opportunity to know right information what going on in this world. A lot of Japanese politician was using a word 'Globalization' that time but I always had question. There was big gap between their word and reality. I knew there is limit if I only understand in Japanese. There were a lot of things I could never knew. This was one of a reason I came to London, to know what going on in the world with my eyes and brain. Globalization in little me. Here I am. It also remains me time and feeling when soldiers went to Iraq in 2003, Hope this time, we could make a change.

Back to main subject; Climate, we are facing the point we really need to change our lifestyle. Specially in big city like London, Tokyo, NY or even country side nowadays, our life became too complex and busy. We always feel too many things to do but hold on, it's not just busy but also became too much consuming. Our over consume world made deflation now. Does it means we have too many things more than what we need? I think "quantity more than quality" made this problem and confusion in our modern society. Now it's a time, we stop and think what we really need. My generation grow up with almost everything in term of goods. That could not say 'we are wealthy'. Too many goods but we lost soul in that at same time. We no longer put feeling to our surroundings because it's fast consuming items, information or even relationship. We over consuming, making unbalance of nature. To re-form system and our definition of wealthy and happiness could be more difficult than simply produce goods more but time to start taking a step now.

I really hope this summit in Copenhagen will be opportunity to us all, start walking toward solution. Not like the G8 failure. Economic failure was based on money that still just system we created but climate is nature we can't never replace it. Meanwhile, I'm also one of them really need to change my lifestyle. Even little step, there are so many things I could do without hustle. How we eat, how we shop or even how we cook also could contribute to reduce energy. I'm trying to learn from different aspect about it. Well that's will talk other time but to aware this, it's a start.

I would like to Thank you to my very special friend who brought my awareness to this subject and the fact I could be here to know what going on.

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 コペンハーゲンに集う192カ国の代表に、我々はこう呼びかける。対立に陥ったり、責任をなすりあったりするのではなく、これまでの政治的失敗を逆に利 用せよと。これは富める国と貧しい国の争いではない。気候変動はすべての人々に影響する。だから、すべての人々の手によって解決されなければならない。






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