Tuesday, 4 August 2009

What coffee mean to you?

Coffee is essential to me in order to start my day. I need to have a good coffee. Monmouth coffee is my favorite coffee place in the world. Every time I went to this coffee shop, they make me very happy.

Evening, I went to dinner with V to Local Turkish place. After meal, we had Turkish coffee and V start saying let's do reading. It's a way to enjoy Turkish coffee! Put your cup up side down and wait till it's get cooler. Then you open your cup and read what it's says. You could read so many things from picture that coffee made inside of cup. We try to imagine what does it mean. The manager of the restaurant asked us how's our reading going? He told us there is a girl she do good for this and he send her over to us.

This was my cup. She told me, Difficult thing is finally getting over and Something new come to me. There is a house where I could be happy and so on.

After you read inside of cup, time to read on the dish. There is big ear in my plate means big news specially from international distance. Also she said I will travel in short distance and long distance soon which is true! Then she find beautiful peacock, that means i will have good period of my life! Also Horse coming to me! How exciting!!

Tonight was nearly full moon. Beautiful evening* Good night X

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Lady Charlotte said...

Hi Eriko! I've just seen your blog via facebook link.

Peacock means that you will get a really big heritage and horse refer to get a good marriage. I am not really good at this thing , but I can tell you that there is a big love inside of your cup.