Monday, 8 June 2009

Japanese Tapas in London

Tonight, I cooked for K and S, with theme of real Japanese dinner at London(or Dinner for people who miss Japan?). We were all tired and I even thought call off tonight but I decided to do before my Japanese ingredients gone. They always enjoy fully my food. Once dinner had started their face start smiling. K said food is power, I gave them a power! That's made me really happy. How happy to share food with people who really appreciate.

Appetiser; Edamame(Green beans), Ikanokuchi(BBQ 0f squid mouth),
Chiken fillet BBQ, Salted fermented squid guts, tuna roll sushi.

fish marinated with saikyo Miso.

Grilled Smaked Atka mackerel

Chicken fillet filled with cheese & seasonal asparagus

Japanese sweet; Dark and white chocolate with raspberry,
fresh caramel, seasonal strawberry(Well, this is English).

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